Rudolf Steiner’s Written Works

Here are the main references to published works by Rudolf Steiner in the essays.  Some are books Rudolf Steiner wrote, some are records of lectures he gave, some are modern compilations.

A Modern Art of Education  Intro
A Theory of Knowledge…         26
An Outline of Esoteric Science    20
Anthroposophy in Everyday Life    4, 6, 19
*1 Broken Vessels            19
*2 Curative Education            32
Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine    30
*3 Man as Symphony of the Creative Word    7
Soul Economy and Waldorf Education    9, 24
Spiritual Science as a Foundation    for Social Forms    21
*4 Study of Man    22
The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality
and the Physical Constitution of Man    17
*5 The Calendar of the Soul        22
The Origins of Natural Science    27
*6 The Philosophy of Freedom    22
The Riddle of Humanity       20, 21
The Wisdom of Man, of the Soul and of the Spirit    21, 32
Waldorf Education for Adolescence    23

Meditative Verses by Rudolf Steiner are included in Essays 22, 24, 32

*1    Broken Vessels is also published under the older title of The Pastoral-Medical course

*2    Curative Education is now published as Education for Special Needs

*3    Man as Symphony of the Creative Word is now published as Harmony of the Creative Word

*4    Study of Man is also published as The Foundations of Human Experience

*5    The Calendar of the Soul exists in many translations

*6    The Philosophy of Freedom exists in many translations and is also titled The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity and Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path

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