My Writing

Wiser than we Know
An exploration of the human form and how our possibilities of movement and action connect with how we see and think and behave.

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Diary of an old Innkeeper
A year of loss and renewal, on a pilgrim path in south-west Scotland, during which an old man meets weather, friends old and new, and himself.

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Butterfly on a Breeze
Survivors of an earthquake and tsunami find each other through the trauma of destruction and the pain of new growth.

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The Song that Sings the Bird
A play about what happens in a Christmas refuge for people with no home when a young girl goes into labour. How will this community of strangers respond?

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For any other contact, please direct emails to dearchristo [at] gmail [dot] com.

3 responses to “My Writing

  1. Dear Bob,
    Keep me informed when book is published. Any trade discount or just a print-on-demand without any discounts.
    It is no doubt very different from a mainstream book on Alexander’s Technique.
    I first heard of it from a novel I was reading in adolescence by Aldous Huxley.
    Best wishes, Wain

  2. hello Bob; good to hear from you again. Also inspiring to see you are still being creative. I need a bit more time to read through and digest before I feel able to make a sensible comment, but at a glance it all appears a wonderful approach to the ‘human mystery’. I’m happy to have the book as a link on our web-site if you think this is appropriate. Let me know. Meanwhile, best wishes with the launch and further developments of the project. warm Regards, Boris.

  3. Thanks for writing this, I am deeply moved. I am so appreciative of finding someone already exploring the relationship of the anthroposophical perspective and the Technique. I am training to teach with Tommy Thompson, and attempt to live a three-fold life. After many years I now understand a few ideas of Steiner’s, I am passionate about gardening in conscious co-creation with nature’s intelligence. I’d love to correspond if you have time. I look forward to reading more here. Thank you.

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